Anene DV.

Iyienu mission hospital Onitsha

Initially, I was reluctant to use it. I asked, what for? I talked it down.

Just about two weeks into its usage, its convenience and ease changed my mentality.

Today, I access Images with MEDHUB by a click of buttons for discussions and for radiological reports.

I will simply regard this as a stitch in time which saves everything (life, time, money).

Eric Umeh

Consultant Radiologist NAUTH Nnewi

Makes world of difference to me. Previously I had to drive to various centers to physically avail myself of reporting consoles/workstations. No more. Images for reporting are sent over for reporting online wherever I am. Facilities for measurements and reformatting included. Image evaluation and reporting done and sent online.
Few hitches at this time such inability to measure lesions on reformatted images.

Arinze Kenechukwu

South East

MedHub is a revolutionary tool in medical imaging that has not only simplified diagnostic imaging reporting but helps to hasten the report procedure. I believe MedHub is the best Teleradiology services provider so far in Nigeria

Alfred Brendan Akpan

New Hope, Onitsha

Initially, I was like of what value will this be to me, but when I was finally convinced by the provider and I decided to give a trial, from thence, I can't hold my break nor afford to return. It has been awesome, time serving, risk reduction on the road, I can send images and receive my radiologist report at the comfort of my home, it facilitates quick release of report and any other challenges you may think of.

With the above facts, I will not hesitate to recommend MEDHUB with 100% assurance to anyone that may need the services.


Dr Elendu


I heard about Medhub Africa when I was drowning in thoughts on how to make my work easier,without distance being a barrier. Medhub Africa proved itself to be the ideal tool I needed and also came at an affordable price. I have used Medhub Africa and would recommend it to every radiologist who likes teleradiology.


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