Who We are

We are a group of innovative Radiologists, Radiographers, Physicists and Imaging Scientists in Nigeria and other African Countries

Why we Exist

To bring about the widespread adoption of Telemedicine especially Teleradiology in Africa by the leveraging of Cost Effective Models and To prepare the health sector for the era of Artificial intelligence

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction and Speed

Africa’s largest provider of Cost Effective and Secure Teleradiology and Telemedicine solutions.

In MedHub we believe that DIGITAL is the solution to a wide range of challenges the health industry is facing.

We recognize the special difficulties caused by shortage of radiologists in sub-urban and rural areas.

Getting a second opinion of a study is also difficult.

Emergency and weekend reports are problematic

The cost of running a radiology department is increased by use of hard copy films and CD plates

Finding a trusted repair engineer or installation technician for equipments is a Herculean task.

Online Booking of radiology and laboratory investigations despite its advantages is non-existent.

Waiting time for reports can be up to 5 days and repeats can add significantly to the extended turn around time.

Scan centers have to transport batches of films and CD plates to off site radiologists miles away.

Some snap hundreds of CT images with smart phones and send through WhatsApp and email reducing the resolution of the images and eliminating the ability to manipulate the images for measurement purposes.

Quackery has taking over in some quarters where non radiologists now report images.

MedHub TELERADIOLOGY platform offers solution to these and even more

It is our believe that access to images can be simplified.

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, it is now imperative we embrace TELERADIOLOGY because of its crucial role in facilitating A.I

We also make online sales and purchase of laboratory and radiology equipments easy

Our patient’s portal is an innovative way for the patient to reduce the much stress involved in seeking radiological and laboratory services .

We offer a secure cloud based solution to solve these and more challenges to  private, public and social business sectors . We help our clients make significant financial Savings and and to realize their most important imaging and laboratory business goals.

For the patients, we save them time and money and reduce the stress of seeking Healthcare

Adejoh Tom, North East Cordinator


  • MedHub Africa is involved radiology education by sponsoring academic and research efforts in the sub-region and operates a free online educational channel. We run a robust online community both on Facebook and other social channels


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