Sharing Medical Images Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

Social distancing is strongly recommended to prevent transmission of this virus, but physicians and patients still need to deliver medical images for continued care.

The virus can be transferred from person-to-person, but even coming into contact with an X-ray film or CD/DVD that has been exposed to the virus has the potential for contagion. By sharing images electronically, you and your patients can cut down on these potentially dangerous interactions. The radiologist will not need to run from center to center to report this images in the face of this Lock-down as he can report them remotely

Reduce exposure to COVID-19 with teleradiology. Report X-rays, CTs & MRIs from home & send images, reports to physicians & patients. Collaborate with colleagues, teach students online. All studies accessible on PC, tablet, smart phones.

Who is this service for?

This is good for Radiologists, Referring Doctors, Patients, Imaging centers and Hospitals

This will enable your patients not to have to travel or handle CDs, and X-ray films risking further exposure for themselves and your staff.

Scenarios where this service can help both patients and physicians avoid unnecessary exposure:

  • If one of your patients requests a medical image that you normally would deliver on a CD or Films you can use this service instead.  
  • If another physician requires a patient image, you can use this service instead of delivering a CD (by mail, courier service or hand delivery).
  • If a patient needs to send you or someone else a medical image in advance of an appointment or for another opinion, they can use this service rather than experiencing the delay (and additional risk of exposure) of mail or courier delivery.
  • If your Radiologist lives far off, He can use this platform to access all your images, report images and send reports remotely

How do you use this service?

Please see our  Contact Details  for our Film-less Teleradiology Services for instructions and more information. This service requires no direct contact with Hard copy films CD plates or patients, and your images will be handled by our HIPAA compliant, secure electronic platform.

Kenneth Osita
Marketing Dept

MedHUb Africa Advise

During this crisis, we hope you will take advantage of our service to keep your patients and employees safe by using this virtual means of sharing medical images, instead of requiring direct interaction and/or physical materials. As always, we are available
As always, we are available
if you have any questions or concerns.
Please contact us at
or call 0705 179 5601. .


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