What A Filmless Radiology Platform Can Do For You
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What A Filmless Radiology Platform Can Do For You

The Filmless Radiology Platform enables

An entire hospital, imaging center, or medical Institution to become independent of hard copy radiographic films and the printers used in printing them with all their attendant disadvantages.

The X-ray, Mammo, CT, or MRI images are passed directly from the acquiring machines into the electronic *Cloud* storage and are made accessible to the Radiologists who provide the reports, the referring doctors who need the reports and images as well as the patient..through multiple access portals

The Cloud-based platform can be accessed using internet-powered mobile phones, tablets, and desktops without the need for any special software installation…from anywhere at all times with secure access.

This effectively eliminates the need for printers and films as the patients and Referring Physicians can securely access the reports and images from the comforts of their homes and consulting rooms.

The images sent through the platform are of diagnostic quality as lossless compression is applied.

The images can be manipulated as direct radiological measurements and image reconstruction can be done with the platform.

All patient data and images are stored securely in perpetuity in the cloud. No local server is required by the hospital.

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Research and teaching of Medical Students, Residents, or Interns are enhanced as stored images and studies are tagged and with a few clicks, hundreds of images of different pathologic categories can be accessed and used for these purposes at any time from anywhere…

This Platform is Operated by MedHub Africa a pioneer Teleradiology Company in Nigeria.

More information about this company can be found here:


And specific information concerning Filmless Radiology can be accessed here

MedHub also offers a Teleradiology Portal for Radiologists who wish to report Radiology studies like CT, MRI, and Radiographs remotely from multiple imaging centers without the need to travel to such centers.


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